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White Collar Defense

Prosecutors across the State of Texas are becoming more and more aggressive in indicting white collar offenses. Cases that were formerly handled in the civil courts are increasingly being prosecuted as felony offenses. The Federal authorities are cracking down on financial crimes across the board. The Law Office of Sam H. Lock has handled all varieties of White Collar Cases in both Federal and State Court, including:

If you have the slightest question about being the target of an investigation you should immediately contact legal counsel. You have important rights that should be asserted to investigators, prosecutors and in court. There may be valuable evidence in the form of business documents, bank records or computer data that should be preserved. The cost of ignoring problems of this nature is high. The benefits of aggressive, early efforts on your behalf are immeasurable.

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I have a hands on approach to every case that I agree to handle. I possess the legal knowledge and the personal understanding required when representing someone in the worst time of his or her life. - Sam H. Lock